We make every effort to photograph our items so that what you see is what you get -- however -- some item colors seem to change no matter what we do -- and what we see on our screen may not be excactly how you see it on yours -- it is just the way it is!  We do not recommend trying to match one of our items to an item you have -- but if you are and have questions prior to purchase please let us know and we will try to be as helpful as possible.

Yes it would -- and there are lots of retailers who are doing just that both online and brick & mortor -- and doing it very well!  We do sell some new items but for the most part our items are re-fabulishious!  Owned, loved and then discarded -- repurchased and rehabed or placed with us on a contingenciy basis for sale.  Used items that are in good shap retain value -- and that value can be passed onto the eventual new owner!. 

There was an old saying about car values -- you've probably heard it -- that once you drive a car off the lot the value drops by half!  Not really sure if that is true today but there is a substantial write-down when the new is gone!  Cloths, bags, accessories and shoes have the same type of write-down when used.  Like cars a good clean-up by a rehab professional can bring back much of the new that can give years of value in the items we sell!  

Yes!  Because our inventory is rather large and purchased items may be very different we must manually determine the proper shipping expense based on combined weight and size.  Please contact us and allow us to calculate the price for you prior to making your payment. 

We package our perfume for safe delivery.  USPS requires that perfume and other items that include alcohol must be shipped via ground -- rather than the faster air method - so your shipment of perfume may be slightly longer than 3 days.  We will provide a tracking number for your shipment.

Currently international shipping is not fully automated on our site -- but we do hope to integrate international shipping as soon as possible.

If you find an item that you would like to purchase please contact us and we will make every effort to ship it to you internationally.

Sales tax is included in the product price and does not appear separately in your invoice.  You will be charged for shipping and it will appear on your invoice.

We ship within 24 hours of completion of the order.  We do not ship on Saturday/Sunday and US Holidays. 

Your order will be shipped from Golden, Colorado USA -- unless otherwise stated in the listing.

Your shipping charge will appear on your invoice.  We will notify you of the USPS Tracking # when your order ships.

We ship exclusively with USPS -- if for some reason USPS is unable to ship we will notify you of changes to your order.  Generally we ship using Priority Mail and your order will be delivered in 3 business days.  If your item is sent via a slower service we will let you know!  Occasionally there may be a postal slowdown -- you can always check your shipments progress by checking USPS tracking!  We do not ship Express Mail.

We exclusively use PayPal for all payments (US and International).  They are a proven provider and can process all credit/debit card transactions and have an added level of protection for both the Buyer and the Seller!  If you are unable to purchase using PayPal please contact us. 

You will recieved an invoice prior to payment which should include all charges and discounts -- if there is a problem -- please contact us!


mybagclub accepts returns.  Unused items must be returned within 15 days.  Refunds are given as money back via PayPal.  Buyer is responsible for return shipping.  We hope that our description of items in our catalog will help you make great purchases -- please check out our photos and our measurements! 

Quite honesly you can't -- BUT we take measures to ensure that the item you receive will be exactly as we have described it!  Please -- take a look at our measurements and use them as a guideline for determining if the item will fit you.  Remember that if you are ordering a vintage item -- the sizing may be different from what you are currently used to -- so please look at the measurements we have provided and check them out with a similar item that fits well -- whether that item is a blouse, pants, shoes, etc.!


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